Finding the right luxury homesite is about working alongside a reputable real estate agent who not only works for the integrity of the community they service but is also equipped with years of experience in the location you are considering. Forest Highlands is not only exceptional with mountainous views, but we also know the importance of providing the best golfing landscapes that accommodates your new home.

The real estate market in Arizona is vast and full of great opportunities. When focusing and localizing your interest of luxury homesites on the beautiful terrain of Flagstaff, Az., there is no other match of choices to the serene terrain and communal integrity of the Forest Highlands Community. Everyone is inspired by the staff and the unique personalities that migrate and reside here. You will be too.
There are many aspiring homebuyers that are seeking the combination of custom building, golf locations, new constructions and wonderfully mountain-located homes for them to rest their heads. Who could blame them? Forest Highlands offer a calming combination of security and an energizing atmosphere whether you are staying for a day, a weekend or a year.

You’ll find adventure contained in a well-kept community that invites individuals and families alike. Consider these: a challenging golf course, tennis courts, pools, pine tree views and a full staff rated as one of the most professional that the state of Arizona has to offer.


Even if casting your favorite fly-rod is the passion that drives your recreational lifestyle, you’ll be able to hook into the fish of your dreams daily. You will also find the serene solitude that accompanies your usual fishing outings.

You will see charismatic families retreat here during the summer to escape the blistering heat of Arizona and this community is only a two-hour drive from the city of Phoenix. This is a community for retreat, leisure and your welcoming home.

So let us accommodate your lifestyle. This is exactly what we do: We find the suitable designation for you and ensure a catered package that will welcome you into this community with knowledge and an array of solid options. All of the choices in location, design and landscaping is about you and luxury.

The luxury real estate professionals that you will work with at Forest Highlands are here to offer you in-depth knowledge. The current trends, directions of homeownership and construction approaches will be available to you in detail. With our complete understanding of the available price ranges, matching your cost with the right luxury home is an easy task.

Contact us soon and let us place you into the luxurious home of your enthusiastic American dreams.