Jonathan and Maura Armus just moved into their new Forest Highlands Golf Club home in May, but they are no strangers to Flagstaff, Arizona or the Forest Highlands community. The Armus’ moved to Flagstaff from New Jersey in 1998: “too much traffic, too much congestion, too much day-to-day frenzy,” says Jonathan. “We were ready for a change.”

Make that a big change. After looking around at various cities out west, Jonathan and Maura chose Flagstaff. “We didn’t know a soul,” says Maura. “We just loved the area—especially the mountain elevation and the land. There was so much space. In fact we bought a lot with a lot of land and built our house—it was so different from what we had been used to.” The people were different too, more outgoing and social than they were used to back east. “When we first moved to Flagstaff strangers would come right up to us and speak,” says Maura. “They’d ask us how we were and if we needed anything, that was a big change from New Jersey.”

The perfect home in the perfect community

It was actually through several new Flagstaff friends that they first discovered Forest Highlands. “Living in Flagstaff, it was just a matter of time before we were introduced to Forest Highlands. We loved everything about it, right from the beginning,” says Jonathan. “Several of our new friends were members so we would get invited to dinner or to play golf or to go to the pool. We have also attended a number of private events held there. I think we knew early on that when the time came for us to find our retirement home, Forest Highlands would be the place. We were just waiting for the girls to get through high school.”

Actually, the Armus’ couldn’t wait that long. In March of this year—with one girl out in the working world, one in college, and the youngest still in high school—the Armus’ made their move. They bought a lot and eventually moved into a rental in Forest Highlands just 3 lots from their soon-to-be full-time home: they are looking forward to building their new home within the next year. In the meantime, they can enjoy Forest Highlands each and every day. “The whole experience has been perfect,” says Maura, “from finding the right lot, to working with the DRC, to the incredible staff who have all made us feel so welcome here.”

A year-round living experience

After their first month living in Forest Highlands, the Armus’ feel like they are…well, at home. Maura is looking forward to joining clubs and taking advantage of member programs. Jonathan is enjoying the pool and fitness center to rehab his ailing back. And the kids have become big fans of the pool, the hiking trails, and the fishing. Rumor is, the youngest is interested in learning how to golf. “We couldn’t be happier,” says Jonathan. “Forest Highlands does everything to a T. The property is gorgeous. The grounds are immaculate. There’s an endless variety of activities and amenities for everyone in our family. And as full-time members, we love that The Meadow Clubhouse and the fitness center are open year round.” As for her part, Maura agrees: “It’s been one month since we moved here and it already feels like home. I think the people here have had a lot to do with that. They are fantastic. It’s a true feeling of community. From the other members we’ve met, to all of the friendly staff, everyone has made Forest Highlands the best living experience we could have ever hoped for.”