We are pleased to introduce our new design partner, Gwen Connor from Wiseman and Gale Interiors, who will be a regular blog contributor sharing the latest design trends and cool ideas for mountain living.


SUMMER IS HERE! Re-imagine your outdoor space. A new take on the classic Adirondack…

The classic Adirondack has been a staple for comfortable seating on patios, lawns & decks since its humble beginnings in the early 1900’s. The original Adirondack chair was built in 1903 by Thomas Lee for his 22 family members who visited his cottage in West Port, New York, in the Appalachian Mountains. His requirements were that the chair needed to be made from local wood from the Appalachian Mountains, be comfortable & durable, with wide armrests to set a glass, and have a deep sloping seat to be comfortable on the steep terrain. His design was “loaned” to his friend Harry Bunnell who began producing the chairs to sell in the local store. Unbeknownst to Lee, Bunnell patented the chair as his own design calling it the “Westport Plank Chair” and that design, as seen in the drawing on the right, continued for 20 years. The next generation of the Adirondack was by Irving Wolpin who made slight adaptations to the original design before receiving a patent of his own in 1935. The rounded backs that we still see today can be attributed to his more modern version of the original chair.


Over the years, artists, carpenters, and weekend craftsmen have all created their own interpretations of this classic design and over time, they became officially known as “Adirondack” chairs. So what’s new & what’s next for the Adirondack is the version pictured below…

What I love about this take on the classic by Sutherland Furniture, are the sleek modern lines, the wide double slat back & fantastic colors in either powder coated metal or wood finishes that can go with any type of décor from contemporary to transitional. They still retain the deep-seated comfort of the original making them the perfect addition to your Forest Highland’s environment.

Gwen can be reached at gconnor@wisemanandgale.com