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Interior Trends for 2018-2019 – Mixtures of Natural Textiles, Woods, Glass and Metals


Reconnecting with nature with organic materials and a look of natural craftsmanship. Natural Luxury hand-felted pillows from Fog and Fury made out of wool with silk fibers pulled through. Their designs may include fibers such as alpaca, llama, camel, yak and rabbit and the colors in their designs are all natural. Their craft practice is rooted in a 5,000-year-old Mongolian nomadic tradition which makes Fog and Fury’s felting both ancient and modern. Stunning accents for mountain homes!


fh-eblast-home-images-64Courtesy of Fog and Fury


The hunky leather sofas are giving way to more sleek contemporary lines. Luxurious velvets, corduroys, and wools are becoming more popular. Leathers are still desirable but used on more modern silhouettes. Faux furs are cozy and sophisticated additions to any room. Pillows always add interest and texture. Mismatch textures, add layers of textiles to create a cozy, relaxed environment.


Courtesy of Grace and Home


Love the velvets and sleek, sophisticated furnishings. A fabulous blend of rustic and contemporary.



Beautiful leather sofa



The heavy, ornate, amber glass fixtures with pine trees or bears are being replaced with more modern, simple designs. Mixing contemporary lighting with rustic woods defines a new look. Hand blown glass fixtures illuminate while allowing the mountain views to shine through.


Courtesy of Urban Electric


Courtesy of Mountain Home Living


Honey-toned woods are gaining popularity along with the ever-present dark tones but with different textures and tones. Handcrafted, natural finishes are preferred over mass-produced.

As seen below, the carbonization veining technique of Shou Sugi Ban that results in a wonderful blackened surface effect is gaining popularity. Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese technique dating back to the 1700’s of preserving wood (which is normally used outdoors) by charring the surface. As you can see it works both indoors and out on walls, floors, ceilings or furniture.



Delta Millworks


Courtesy of Wood Works by Ted Todd

In contrast to Shou Sugi Ban, this fabulous mountain retreat is a beautiful example of light, honey-toned woods in walls and furnishings. Love the narrow, horizontal paneling in a light finish! A contemporary take on the old vertical wood paneling that was so prevalent in mountain cabins.


Courtesy Luxe Magazine

I hope these looks inspire you with the wonderful textures, finishes, furnishings and lighting concepts. However, keep in mind that trends come and go so rather than going too trendy in your interiors it’s a better plan to use these concepts judiciously so that you ultimately create a more timeless interior. I feel that what makes an interior space unique is the personal touch you bring to it by decorating with objects that are of value to you as the client and that make you feel something.

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