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Hello humans. We are sister pups, Nebula and Mantis, named after Guardians of the Galaxy. Just under 4 months old and 19 lbs, we are sweet, cuddly, and come with a lot puppy energy. Ideally our parents will offer plenty of walks, maybe a yard, and love in return for our companionship. Our sisterly bond is strong, so staying together would be a huge bonus. Plus, we keep each other entertained and out of trouble (mostly). Our foster human thinks we are super smart, already learning some sit and down commands. Like most puppies, we are sometimes nervous when meeting new dogs and people, but so far, we have enjoyed playing with the other tiny dogs in the household. Please text our foster human, Jenny, at 941/726-9056 if you’d like to meet us in the hopes that we might join your forever home.

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