In January of 2016,  the Arizona Daily Sun hosted a luncheon to honor Flagstaff’s Man, Woman, and Organization of the Year for 2015.  Don Rowley, Publisher of the local newspaper, presented the 2015 Organization of the Year  Award  to The Forest Highlands Foundation which was represented by Richard Russell, Chairman.  As he presented the award, Rowley stated, “Forest Highlands Foundation is hereby designated Organization of the Year by the Citizen of the Year Committee. This certificate of tribute and respect is granted by the Arizona Daily Sun to this outstanding organization that has so generously contributed to the highest ideals of public service.” The ceremony was attended by Bob Scott, President of the Forest Highlands Board of Directors, Bill Griffon, Forest Highlands General Manager, and several members of the Foundation Board of Advisors.
At the award ceremony, the Foundation was introduced by Marjorie T. McClanahan, an avid community volunteer and member of the selection committee.  She commended the Foundation for “incredible generosity to the community that they call their home.”  She congratulated the Foundation for its leadership in responding to the food service crisis in 2014, and she mentioned many of the Flagstaff non-profit organizations which have been the beneficiaries of Forest Highlands’ commitment to the Flagstaff community.
In one of the several  letters nominating Forest Highlands for this prestigious award, Devonna McLaughlin, Executive Director of Housing Solutions of Northern Arizona, said, “The impact Forest Highlands Foundation has had on our Flagstaff community is so large it is difficult to quantify—but with their help, thousands of families have had resources to meet basic needs and have been empowered to build stronger, productive futures.”