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Majestic mountains and championship golf are but the greeters of a living experience that is as rich and fulfilling as it is dynamic. Family and friends gather for recreation, rest, and rejuvenation.


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Exclusive Golf Community

Forest Highlands Golf Courses

Golf is much more than a game here. It provides the very context for a life that is defined both on the links and off. Forest Highlands Golf Club offers two award-winning championship courses – the Canyon Course and the Meadow Course – both designed by one of the legends of the game: Tom Weiskopf. Through his vision, course design has been transformed into an art form, with fairways and greens weaving seamlessly into the landscape. It’s as if Mother Nature herself created these courses. Each hole has been meticulously sculpted to fit the lay of the land. Scenic wonders abound at every turn: delicately meandering fairways…dramatic shifts in elevation…Ponderosa pines standing watch along the tees…and panoramic views that reveal the true majesty of this mountain setting.

This is life on a grand scale, customized for every member of your family. How you define your life here is as vast and open as the resplendent blue sky overhead, or the endlessly unfolding forest of ponderosa pines. Your home is the launching point to an inviting playground of interconnected trail systems, lush pine forests and ever-inviting community gatherings and golf events.

What Nature Doesn’t Provide, We Do.

Forest Highlands Golf Club offers not one, but two, fully renovated clubhouses that provide the gateway to a deeply rewarding club lifestyle. In fact, few destinations in the country combine the magnificence of an awe-inspiring natural setting with such comprehensive amenities and services.

From the moment you arrive here you feel different. Maybe it’s the clean, pine-scented air. Or the soaring elevation that lifts you above the fray everyday life. The rustic homes have all the comforts you expect, created in an understated, mountain resort style, where you will feel as comfortable entertaining friends and family as you will sitting in front of a cozy fire lost in a book.

Culinary Excellence

Savor impeccable cuisine. And celebrate a premier club lifestyle with friends and family. Forest Highlands Golf Club is a community that brings all aspects of our lives together. Relish a world-class culinary experience with our Celebrity Executive Chef, Eddie Matney.

Food is seen by many as a universal language, it acts as a gateway into other cultures. Chef Eddie knows this and builds it into every dish he curates. We salute diversity with each and every location and pop-up station. From the fine dining atmosphere of the Canyon Dining Room to our brand new food truck, there is something for everyone at every time of the day or evening.

A Place To Play, A Place To Gather

A sense of peace and well-being revives the spirit and invigorates the soul. This feeling has been perfectly captured and preserved by a community committed to members of every age, in various stages of life. Forest Highlands knits generations of families together to create a legacy of treasured moments.

Whether relaxing with your favorite book by the Canyon Pool with dining service at hand or rolling in the sound of children’s excitement and mirth at the Splash Pad of the Meadow Pool deck, this is a place to gather. This is where you belong.

Club Lifestyle in Harmony With Your Life

Balance. We all want it. We crave it. Our day to day lives have become a frenetic blur. Find your balance in a wellness program ranging from specialty massage to personal training for every level of fitness. Classes on demand and in-person, outdoors, and in our world-class fitness center with forest views on all sides. Find your focus and build towards your goals.

Racquet Sports

World-class is the only way to describe this program that will exceed your every expectation. For the seasoned pro or those just starting out, our Director of Racquet Sports, Nicole Chambers, has the summer programming for each individual. They come for the sense of community – and the chance to create a legacy for generation after generation of loved ones. This is what we all long for. For our loved ones, for our children, and for ourselves.

Activities, parties, summer camps

FH Kids

A tight-knit community of people who value what’s truly important: family and good friends. We invite your family to be a part of this life, to discover its possibilities, and seek out new adventures. This is the first step toward establishing a legacy that you can enjoy today and look forward to for generations to come.

From programs for teenagers all the way to the tiniest members of your family, Forest Highlands is here to support a way of life. You want more time with your kids. You want romantic evenings with your spouse. You want to play golf with your friends. You want to breathe fresh mountain air. We make the balance to do all of this and more possible by building a desire for experiences and learning new things.

What to do around Northern AZ

Flagstaff Life

There’s something that connects people to this place. It tugs at our hearts. It whispers into our souls. It’s more than the mountain setting. More than the majestic pine forest. Or the 7,000-foot elevation. There’s something else. Something subtle, yet no less tangible. It’s a profound sense of place. You can feel it. In the breezy interplay of summer wild flowers. The hushed quiet of a snow-cloaked hillside. Flagstaff is an oasis among the surrounding deserts with something for everyone.
Grand Canyon

Benefits & Activities

FH Life

Long established as northern Arizona’s finest private residential golf community, Forest Highlands provides an incomparable landscape, enveloped by majestic ridge lines and the world’s largest stand of Ponderosa Pines. From the moment you arrive here you feel different. A sense of peace and well-being revives the spirit and invigorates the soul. This feeling has been perfectly captured and preserved for Forest Highlands Members of every age, at various stages of life. This is a community that knits generations of families together to create an ongoing legacy of treasured moments.

Forest Highlands Yoga

Forest Highlands

Leadership Team

Forest Highlands Foundation

Common Membership Questions

How long has the community been in existence?
Forest Highlands opened in 1987 with sales in the Canyon. In 1997, additional property was purchased for the Meadow and sales began in 1998. The community is completely sold out.
Is the community financially stable/strong? Can it sustain itself?

Forest Highlands Golf Club (the Association) has 871 full members all of whom are responsible for payment of the monthly dues.  As of January 2023 FHGC has no short- or long-term debt, has over $10,300,000 in its capital reserves, and over $56 million in total member equity – financially, it is one of the strongest private golf clubs in the Southwest if not the entire U.S.!

What is the community ownership history?
Established in 1987, Forest Highlands Golf Club was initially developed as a master-planned residential golf community by the Bailey-Bartlett Group. Completed in 1988, the original “Canyon” course was designed by Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morrish. Following a smooth transition from the developer to the homeowner’s in 1997, the HOA partnered with DMB Development to build a second 18-hole championship golf course, the “Meadow” along with the Meadow clubhouse. FHGC is wholly owned by its members.
What type and number of memberships are there currently?

We have two types of membership:

Regular Membership – This type of membership is attached to a property at Forest Highlands. When you purchase a property at FH the membership is transferred to the new property owner. This transaction also initiates a New Owner Capital Contribution fee of $105,000, a Membership transfer fee of $2,000 and (if there is a home on the property) a Utility transfer fee of $4,500. Regular monthly dues for 2024 are $1410 (includes HOA & Full Membership).

Special Membership – A standalone membership is available for $105,000 + the regular monthly Association dues of $1410. The entire amount paid for a special membership ($105,000) can be used towards the New Owner Capital Contribution Fee for a Regular Membership if you are considering the purchase of property at a later date. The purchase of property must be made within two years of activation to use the full amount. Special Memberships stay active as long as the Special Member wants to keep it. *Note Special Memberships are non-transferable. Follow the link to find more information on Special Memberships: (

What are Forest Highlands’ policies on assessments and dues increases?
As stated above FHGC operates on a balanced budget and has substantial reserves to cover any short term operating deficits and maintains a significant capital improvements fund. It is always possible the membership may vote for an assessment in the future for some currently unidentified need. Capital improvement assessments require a vote of the membership and a 2/3 approval to be upheld. Dues increases from year to year are required to be approved by the Board of Directors during the annual budget approval process, and do not require approval by the membership. Dues increases cannot exceed 20% over the prior year. Dues increases at Forest Highlands have averaged an annual increase of 5% per year over the past 35 years. In the history of Forest Highlands there have been in total, three capital assessments averaging $5,000 each.
How many acres is the community?
There are 1,110 acres, 650 in the Canyon and 460 in the Meadow.
How many home sites are there?

There are 820 home sites in Forest Highlands of which approximately 760 are completed or under construction.

Who owns and maintains the golf courses, parks, roads and other amenities of the community?

The member-owned Forest Highlands Association owns and maintains roads, clubhouses, golf courses and the rest of the common area facilities. FHA also owns the Forest Highlands Water which manages 10 wells on property and the water and wastewater facilities and equipment for the Forest Highlands Community.

Can the general public access the property?

 Entry to Forest Highlands is controlled by the Security gatehouse, located at the entry gates. There is no public access. Guests must be registered with the gatehouse prior to entry. The Association has an agreement with the owner of adjacent property to the southwest known as The Estates, to allow access to their property via the Forest Highlands Security gatehouse and community roadways as they are landlocked with no other access available and there is a 24/7 security gatehouse.

How does airplane noise affect quiet enjoyment?

Is the community in the flight path to the airport? Forest Highlands is located approximately 2.5 miles from Pulliam Airport and planes can be seen and heard. Flagstaff Pulliam airport does not offer red-eye or overnight flights.

How active is the club?
During the summer season, May – October, it is very busy with Members enjoying the community facilities. There are numerous activities for all ages and interests. During the winter season, dining is offered during the weekend at the Meadow Clubhouse and the Recreation department offers programs including kids camps, craft nights, sledding, a cross country ski trail, and shuttles to the Arizona Snowbowl Ski and Snowboard resort. The Spa is also open year round, including a hot tub, steam room, and massage and facial services.
What are the amenities offered?
Forest Highlands offers two championship golf courses, two clubhouses, two dining rooms, two lounges, two swimming pools, a Hot tub, a Spa, three snack bars and two golf practice facilities. In addition there are four tennis courts, a fitness facility, hiking and biking trails, fishing ponds, basketball courts, volleyball, soccer, children’s play areas, parks and extensive childcare programs.
What are the monthly fees?
Regular Membership and HOA Dues are included on the Association Statements. The total dues per month for 2024 are $1410.

$300 per month is a capital reserve fund contribution for the repair and replacement of infrastructure and facilities.

The $1110 per month is the operations dues for membership and HOA.

What is your golf cart fee? When are your courses open?
An 18 Hole round golf cart fee is $25. Our golf courses are open from the first weekend of May through the last weekend in October.
Are there any fees I should know about?
No dining minimums, no service fee, no tipping required, with 2 dining rooms, 2 golf snack bars and a Family Recreation Center & Pool Snackbar. Utilities for water, sewer and trash services is handled by Forest Highlands Public Works on a separate utility bill. The community uses a pressurized sewer system and grinder pumps for each home.
Who does my membership include?

Memberships include a Primary Member, Spouse Member, children and grandchildren who are under the age of 25.