Mission Statement

The Forest Highlands Foundation exists to make the greater Flagstaff community a better place for all by supporting effective local charitable organizations. The Foundation encourages, coordinates and leverages the generosity of Forest Highlands members to create identifiable impact on the needs of the community, with primary emphasis on human services for people at risk and programs focused on breaking the chain of poverty in future generations.

Forest Highlands Foundation could not be the successful and compassionate entity that it has become without your generosity and hard work. Volunteers to Golfers, Party Goers to Runners, you have all helped to reach goals and change lives. The needs of people is a cause worthy of all your efforts. From our hearts, Thank You!

Forest Highlands Foundation
Annual Report 2022


Through the generosity of our members, the Foundation was able to raise a total of $390,0865.  We wish to acknowledge and thank the Forest Highlands members for their contributions during the year. You have made a significant, positive impact on those organizations that provide for the well-being of some of the most vulnerable members of the Flagstaff community. The Foundation and our grantees express their heartfelt gratitude.