Forest Highlands Sustainability

Forest Highlands is the first private club in Arizona to achieve the prestigious Turquoise level in the stringent Vivid Leaf sustainability assessment. Forest Highlands also took a U.S. leadership position in the resiliency section of the Vivid Leaf dashboard, providing exceptional membership experiences during highly adverse conditions (the COVID pandemic). Forest Highlands has established itself as a statewide leader and is well underway to becoming a U.S. national leader in sustainability.

Vivid Leaf’s all-encompassing certification is comprised of 4 levels: Beryl (community sustainability leadership recognition), Turquoise (state leadership), Jade (national leadership) and Sapphire (worldwide sustainability lead-er). Vivid Leaf is the industry’s most comprehensive and broad sustainability certification and real-time dash-board, considering all the following aspects of becoming a fully self-sustained organization:

• conservation of natural resources, such as water, healthy ecosystems, native plants and animals
• energy consumption
• CO2 emissions
• reduction or elimination of pollution and waste
• proper recycling
• preservation of flora and fauna for future generations
• Air pollution
• Usage reduction of pesticides, fertilizers and elimination of environmental unsafe products for cleaning, painting etc.

Driven by a cloud-based mindshare platform, in which clubs from all over the world share what worked well for them in terms of money-saving initiatives reducing energy, water, cleaning supplies, fertilizers and pesticides usage. The Vivid Leaf real-time dashboard provides Forest Highlands with a continuous progress report on their journey to sustainability. It prioritizes potential new sustainability initiatives by environmental and financial impact and alerts the club to increasing resource usage (e.g., a defective pump or A/C unit). The dashboard also allows automatic achievement postings to social media sites and the club’s website to share innovative and successful sustainability initiatives with their members and the community.

“Forest Highlands is committed to providing its members with an unrivalled experience of world-class amenities, combined with large areas of preserved nature and wildlife. We will continue to strive to further reduce the environmental impact of our operations, while constantly improving our membership experience,” says Patricia Ash-brook, General Manager and COO of Forest Highlands.

“The Forest Highlands environment is unrivalled for its unique beauty. The FH philosophy since its very inception is first and foremost respect for the natural environment. FH strives to maintain a timeless, natural, and organic palette with its design aesthetic. Sustainability is a core value of the FH leadership and will continue to take a front row seat as the community moves forward with a strong commitment to the future generations of membership.” says Krystan Lauher, Director of Communications and Marketing at Forest Highlands.

“Forest Highlands’ commitment to preserving our ecosystem while providing a world-class membership experi-ence demonstrates innovation, vision and leadership. We were thrilled to learn that continuous improvement in terms of their environmental practices is not only driven by their management, but also supported by their board and the membership as a whole,” says Till von Ruexleben, COO at Vivid Leaf.

Contact information:
Krystan Lauher, Director of Communications and Marketing can be reached at:

Till von Ruexleben, COO and Founder of Vivid Leaf can be reached at info@vivid-leaf.com

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