Michelle Arena

With over 25 years of Human Resources experience in professional services firms, Ms. Arena has developed skills in communications, time management, policy development, and conflict resolution.  After a successful career in Human Resources, Ms. Arena applied her skills to her next challenge and devoted her time to opening a small business in Scottsdale, Arizona.  In 2015, after a store-front build-out, she opened a neighborhood bakery.  It was a rewarding experience that renewed her passion for helping her community.  Through the bakery, she was able to help local organizations with fundraising efforts and donate baked goods and profits to those in need.

Ms. Arena believes that it is important to lead by example and to be a champion for the community in which you live.  As stewards of our community, we should explore ways to participate and add value to our neighbors.  A Board member has the duty to serve as an advocate for the organization’s mission as well as be an active participant in the long-term vision of the organization.